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Hot-Smoked Spring Trout

€ 7,50
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The meat of the spring trout is naturally pale pink to orange, which can be traced back to its natural pigmentation. Through smoking, this color turns more intense and can include pale pink, "salmon" color, orange or even a deep red.
salt and nothing else. In this way, the real taste is preserved and the fish is conserved immediately.
Type of fish and way of preparation
Compared to the rainbow trout, the source trout scores with a higher fat content. In order to stay fit, our spring trout stand in the current of our own spring all day long until they are fully grown at the age of 3 to 4 years. They are selected by hand by Andreas - because they must be neither too thin nor too thick. The fish is portioned and carefully smoked over local beech wood for about 1.5 hours at about 80 degrees while lying on grids, giving it its characteristic golden-brown to bronze-colored shimmer.
Fished directly from our own spring in Carinthia
individually vacuum packed
Es handelt sich um ein Naturprodukt, das tatsächliche Gewicht kann daher um etwa 10% abweichen. Wir bemühen uns aber, dass immer du mehr davon hast. Preis pro 100 Gramm = 5€
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