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Whole Smoked Char

€ 12,25
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A true adventure of taste for all fish enthusiasts. With a delicate but intense taste, the smoked char is characterized by its distinctive red scaleless skin and its pearly meat. The beechwood gives the char its rich smokey aroma that harmonizes perfectly with its pleasant firm texture.
salt and nothing else. In this way, the real char taste is preserved and the fish is preserved straight away.
Type of fish and way of preparation
Andreas selects the char by hand after they have been allowed to grow particularly slowly – because they must be neither too thin nor too thick. A Jobst smoked char is carefully smoked for around 2 hours at around 80 degrees over local beech wood, giving it its characteristic golden shimmer. It is a natural product, the actual weight can therefore vary by around 10%. However, we strive to ensure that you always have more of it.
Fished directly from our own spring in Carinthia
individually vacuum packed
Es handelt sich um ein Naturprodukt, das tatsächliche Gewicht kann daher um etwa 10% abweichen. Wir bemühen uns aber, dass immer du mehr davon hast. Preis pro 100 Gramm = 3,50€
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