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Trout Fillet

€ 4,33
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The meat of the trout is tender and delicate with a pleasant firmness and slightly sweet to nutty taste. A special trait of the rainbow trout is the unique coloring that can be bright pink and orange or even glimmering green and blue.
trout and nothing else.
Type of fish and way of preparation
Our trout are among the finest freshwater fish and are raised with great care. At the age of 1.5 to 2 years they are ready to be caught. Because of our on-site shop, we can guarantee daily processing. Your trout is still swimming in the Jobst spring water while you order. After the catch, Andreas fillets them by hand and removes the belly bones. You have to remove the bones on the back of the trout yourself before you can eat the trout. It is a natural product, the actual weight can therefore vary by about 10%. However, we strive to ensure that you always have more of it.
Individually vacuum packed
Es handelt sich um ein Naturprodukt, das tatsächliche Gewicht kann daher um etwa 10% abweichen. Wir bemühen uns aber, dass immer du mehr davon hast. Preis pro 100 Gramm = 2,88€
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